Pre-Kindergarten Room

Pre-Kindergarten is an active and exciting time in a child’s life. We are committed to providing exceptional education experiences to create a positive learning atmosphere. Every day, we’re fostering a desire to learn and grow through our teacher-planned activities and lessons. The curriculum in this classroom focuses on building early reading skills by learning letter-sound relationships, sounding out beginner words, engaging in story time, and identifying sight words. We prepare children for Kindergarten and ensure their academic confidence. Our small classrooms create a sense of safety for children to interact with more quality teacher time. The A Beka Book® Academic Program has a strong reputation of preparing children for kindergarten in a fun and nurturing way.

In combination with our A Beka Book® Academic Program , we develop our lesson plans based on our ten core learning centers using our Learning Through Play guidelines:
• Reading
• Manipulatives
• Science
• Mathematics
• Music
• Sensory
• Construction
• Art
• Writing
• Dramatic Play

The Learning Centers supplement the curriculum and help further cognitive development, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Children love to play and interact with the world around them and Pre-Kindergarten at The Little Lamb Christian School is a fantastic place to learn, develop, and grow.

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