Early Preschool

Children learn through play and in the early preschool classroom that is just what we do! The A Beka Book curriculum provides a foundation for learning the necessary pre-reading skills for academic excellence. Language and literacy skills are introduced through songs, games, books, and finger plays. The subjects of math, science, language development, social studies, art, music and Bible are taught in fun and engaging ways through our weekly themes and lessons.

The children love to explore and practice new skills through our eight core learning centers: reading, science, construction, writing, manipulatives, sensory, art, and dramatic play. These learning centers are a supplemental tool to our A Beka Book curriculum. Our early preschool program provides a balance between teacher-led instruction and hands on learning through play. While nature walks, water play, painting and stories are all thrilling, we as educators know this does so much more to create a love of learning in children that will continue throughout life. Children at this age are learning about independence and the world around them and the early preschool class is a lively and safe place to experience that!