Character Development

Character Development

Another advantage students receive at The Little Lamb is our positive emphasis on the value of strong character development. Children are taught what it is to be loving, hard-working, thoughtful, kind, patient, and gracious. These attributes are emphasized and revealed through stories, songs, Bible time, and daily classroom interaction. In addition to achieving academic excellence, your child will gain knowledge, confidence and self-esteem as a result of learning these basic Christian principles. We strive to teach the whole child by providing quality Christian education in a nurturing atmosphere.

Character building takes place throughout each day in all subject areas, via every teaching method, and in every attitude. Any action of a student or teacher can create a teaching moment for training character. During these early years of development when your child’s character is being formed, we intentionally strive to instill the following positive values:

1. Respect authority
2. Pay attention
3. Obey willingly
4. Apply yourself to the task at hand
5. Learn rules and apply them
6. Do your best
7. Learn to work hard
8. Develop positive habits

A list of the habits that we emphasize includes: orderliness, carefulness, obedience, honesty, accomplishment, cooperation, perseverance, self-control, attentiveness, fairness, confidence, responsibility, effort, steadfastness, discipline, endurance, helpfulness, neatness, patience, good judgment, and respect.

It is not enough to simply talk about doing right; it must also be modeled in the classroom. We provide an orderly, organized environment for your child so that developing good character traits will come more naturally.