September Spanish Vocabulary

¡Hola! Children have the amazing capacity to learn foreign languages easily and studies show that the best time to learn a new language is in the early years of life. For this reason, we are introducing a new Spanish curriculum for children ages eighteen months and up. Our Spanish curriculum focuses on age appropriate vocabulary with a new subject each month. We hope that by learning a new language your child’s eyes will be opened to a whole new world around them.

In the month of September, we are focusing on greetings and common phrases. Here is the list of phrases your child will be learning this month.

¡Hola! : Hello
¡Buenos días! : Good day!
¡Buenos tardes! : Good afternoon/evening!
Bíenvenídos: Welcome!

¡Adios! : Goodbye!
¡Hasta luego! : See you later!
¡Hasta la vísta! : See you later!
¡Hasta mañana! : See you tomorrow!

¿Cómo estás? : How are you?
¡Muy bien! : Very well!
Bien. : Well.
No muy bien. : Not very well.
¡Muy Mal! : Very bad!