Grandparents Day


There was a lot of extra love in our school this morning as we celebrated National Grandparents Day.  Grandparents were invited to The Little Lamb Christian School for an open house, and we had a great turnout! The morning was filled with donuts, hugs, and laughter! The children loved showing off their classrooms and artwork to their grandparents. It meant so much to the children. Thank you to all our special visitors for joining us! DSCN2174 DSCN2177 DSCN2178 DSCN2180 DSCN2182 DSCN2184 DSCN2185 DSCN2188 DSCN2186 DSCN2189 DSCN2190 DSCN2195 DSCN2197 DSCN2198 DSCN2199 DSCN2202 DSCN2204 DSCN2205 DSCN2207 DSCN2208 DSCN2209 DSCN2210 DSCN2213