About Us

In 1984, Carmel residents Chuck and Debbie Duke faced a childcare crisis all too familiar to parents. After looking high and low for the right childcare for their three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, they ended up frustrated at the lack of quality options. With Debbie’s degree in Early Childhood Development and the couple’s experience teaching Sunday School, they knew the quality of care and educational standards they were looking for—and weren’t finding it anywhere.

Chuck and Debbie decided to take matters into their own hands. They wrote a business plan and raised financing to offer faith-based childcare. The Little Lamb was about to be born.

The Little Lamb family welcomed its first precious children on August 17, 1987. It was a hectic day with typical first-day-of-school jitters mixed with the fresh aroma of a brand new building. It was a day filled with promise. Teachers and children alike smiled with delight as they entered the shiny new school for the first time. That day was also the end of a long, faithful journey for the Duke family.

Since that day, hundreds of children have attended The Little Lamb, including all five of the Duke children and now grandchildren. The Little Lamb has earned a solid reputation from its academically-strong curriculum and the ongoing successes of former students.

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